CBD Toll Processing from Hemp​

AMERICAN HEMP PROCESSING offers TOLL processing for farmers. For a fee we can process your biomass specialized to your circumstances. Our TOLL processing services represent a great opportunity for farmers to maximize profit potential.

Farmers who want to keep complete control and own all their product could be prime candidates for our TOLL Hemp offer. We can negotiate and customize the contract to create a win-win situation for both farmer and processor.

​​TOLL Processing offers farmers their HIGHEST PROFIT POTENTIAL. It is also our most simple and preferred option.  We simply receive your biomass and return the finished product for a fee. Fees for TOLL Processing are between $25 and $45 generally depending on quantity and level of refinement required.


Toll Processing

Our TOLL processing services can also be utilized to process their Hemp Biomass to end products such-as Isolate, Distillate, CBD Oil, and consumer products.


Hemp Toll Processing Services

The processing of CBD Hemp occurs in multiple stages. These stages can include:

  • Drying

  • Curing

  • Trimming

  • Extraction

  • Distillation

  • Isolation

  • Manufacturing Assembly

Separating different parts of the hemp for different processing can make sense in some cases. Certain separations can help preserve terpenes, fibers, or other parts of the plant for more (or less) specialized processing.

Toll Processing Services

TOLL Processing is hands off for the farmer. We take in your biomass and process it for a fee to your specifications. We can help farmers decide how to process their hemp into to maximize profit depending on their specific operation.


Toll Processing Facility 

When contemplating using the services of a toll processing provider it should be considered what certifications, permits etc, the company has established and are incorporated into their operations as these will affect the end product.

GMP Toll Processing

Finding a GMP TOLL processor can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. The industry is not mature enough to have an abundance of trustworthy and reliable processors who follow GMP. Be sure to at least work with a company that observes GMP compliance and are currently or working towards GMP certification.


Organic Certified Hemp Processors

If a company is seeking to produce organic end products, Organic Certified processing facilities are essential. It is not ideal to claim or use the term organic without a legally defensible claim. For Organic Certification approval all inputs from the hemp to the flavors must be organic. ​

There will likely be a bottleneck in Organic Hemp processing in the industry.  

Toll Isolation Services

Toll CBD isolation services process CBD oil or distillate into CBD isolate which can be sold or sent for manufacturing into consumer products.

Toll THC Removal Services

Toll THC Removal services use chromatography to remove THC from Hemp Oil or distillate to achieve a low THC (<0.3%) or non-detectable THC (aka zero THC) product such as THC free distillate. The refined product can be sold or sent for contract manufacturing into finished products.


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