CBD isolation

CBD Isolation Equipment​

The creation of CBD isolate requires multiple steps. Refining hemp can occur from hemp biomass, flower, or medical grade cannabis.


The CBD Isolate process: ​

  • Selection strains of high CBD hemp biomass

  • Drying and processing 10%+ CBD content

  • Extraction of CBD Oil from hemp – 50%+ CBD Hemp Extract

  • Refinement of CBD oil to remove contaminants – 60%+ Refined CBD Oil

  • Distillation of refined CBD oil to concentrate CBD – 80%+ CBD Distillate

  • Chromatography to purify CBD from distillate 99%+ CBD Isolate

  • Crystallization of CBD to further purify – 99%+ CBD API Manufacture GMP


GMP CBD Isolation Requirements

It requires series specialized laboratory equipment and expertise to complete the transition from Hemp plant material all the way to CBD isolate.

For each stage of the process, equipment and materials usage must be tested to ensure quality management and uniformity. GMP manufacturing facilities and principles must be followed all the way through.


Equipment required for CBD Isolation

​​CBD processing, extraction and refinement can include the following equipment:

Hemp Processing Equipment transforms harvested hemp biomass into hemp extraction material ready for extraction.

Hemp Extraction Equipment is used to extract crude oil from the hemp plant biomass raw material.

Refinement Equipment to removed waxes and other impurities from hemp extract.

Distillation Equipment is used to concentrate CBD and remove impurities

Chromatography Equipment is used to isolate CBD from other cannabinoids on a molecule level

Crystallization Equipment is used to manufacture CBD isolate

HEMPPROCESSING specialize in extraction and distillation. Isolation is made easier if the distillation process has been done correctly.

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