Tom Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Richardson began his business career in 1982 at Arthur Andersen consulting, leaving in 1988 to start Systems Consulting Group, Inc. (SCG). As president, Tom took an initial investment of $150 and led SCG to over $30 million in revenues in seven years, twice making the Inc. magazine list of the fastest growing companies in

Shick Park

Chief Operations Officer

Shick Park is a Master in Martial Arts and Entrepreneur. He has over 35yrs of experience in martial arts and operated/owned over 25 professional martial arts facilities. Shick has also owned Orangetheory Fitness studio in Boca Raton, FL. His experience has allowed him to manage on daily basis over 50 employees and grow his businesses.

Andrew Alvarez

Chief Scientific Officer

Andrew Alvarez is a Senior Engineer at BP America highly regarded for providing exceptional drilling engineering, operations, regulatory, and procurement support for F100 industry leaders like Shell, Exxon Mobile, and Chevron. Andrew earned a Bachelors of Science in Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering from the University of Florida (UF). 

AMERICAN HEMP PROCESSING is constantly advancing the science of cannabidiol (CBD) concentrate manufacturing. Our team has been refining a proprietary extraction process optimizing and innovating to provide our clients the very best. Our laboratories are consistently producing high quality, custom tailored, processed hemp oils. Our most prized possession is the relationships we build with our farmers. Our processing and compensation models are designed to consistently maximize value to farmers.


Our engineers and industry experts started AMERICAN HEMP PROCESSING as a culmination and combination of expertise that are currently lacking in the industry. The CBD industry is still in its infancy. Our team already has years of experience in the field and a long term, relationship focused, business mission. 

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