CBD white label

White Label

When considering your options for manufacturing and selling your CBD white label is often an attractive possibility. White labeling allows you to use us to process your Hemp into marketable products while using your own branding. You can develop your own brand while selling high quality CBD products such as:

  • Tinctures

  • Soft Gels

  • Vape Products

  • Other Products

White Label Manufacturing

Foods and medicine require a high level of quality for production, Hemp Products require the same level of quality and safety.


One way for a farmer to accomplish this high level of quality and safety is though white labeling. A farmer can reliably produce high quality products by taking advantage of our facilities.


White Label Manufacturing

Our contracted manufacturing while label services provide farmers with an option to hand over their manufacturing to us and have their products made and manufactured to GMP practices in approved facilities at an economical cost.

​The unclear regulatory landscape has prevented large scale investment from the pharmaceutical industry. This has created a great opportunity for new  investors and producers to enter the industry with a lower entry bar from corporate competition. The downside to this scenario is it has created a lack of understanding of proper manufacturing process among industry practitioners. By partnering with a knowledgeable company who have experience in industries with the highest levels of good practices and safety protocol a farmer can minimize their potential downside.

HEMPPROCESSING has specialized experience in designing and developing GMP manufacturing processes and securing reliable supply chains. Supplying the global hemp demand will require a rapid expansion of the current industry capacity.


White Label CBD product lines can include:

  •        Pet Products

  •        Toiletries

  •        Cosmetics

  •        Muscle Rubs

  •        Creams

  •        Coffee

  •        Tea

  •        Beverages

  •        Vape Liquid

  •        Gummies

  •        Soft gels

  •        Capsules

  •        Tinctures

CBD Ingredients

HEMPPROCESSING products contain naturally occurring CBD and other cannabinoids or terpenes per the customers request.


Some of these products can include:

  •        Full Spectrum HEMP/CBD Oil

  •        Broad Spectrum CBD/HEMP Oil

  •        CANNABINOID Extract

  •        CANNABINOID Distillate

  •        CANNABINOID Isolate

More CBD Manufacturing Services

​​Beyond white label CBD our contract manufacturing offerings can additionally help you enhance new customized products.


  •        Contract Manufacturing

  •        Ingredient Manufacturing

  •        Private Label Manufacturing

  •        Product Formulation

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